Photos by Charlie

Landscape photographs and Christian Books

Landscape photographs and Christian Books

Landscape photographs and Christian BooksLandscape photographs and Christian Books

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Books on Evolution and Creation

Creation and Evolution


Compelling Evidence of Creation and the Flood.  The formation of the Grand Canyon in weeks, not millions of years

The Answers Book Series


Volumes also Available  Separately

Answers Book 3


Volume 3 -This is my favorite 

Evolution is a Lie

The Lie of Evolution

The Lie of Evolution by Ken Ham

Evolution Exposed


Your Evolution Answer Book for the Classroom

Truth about Creation


Six Days - The Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church

Easy to understand creation and evolution

The Answers Book for Kids


The Answers Book for Kids tells the truth about creation and the lie of evolution in an easy to understand format especially for kids.  Books also available individually

From Goo to You


The truth about creation and the fallacy of evolution in a simple and at times humorous format.

Dinosaurs for Kids


The truth about dinosaurs in an easy to understand format.

Noah's Ark, the flood, the proof and why it matters

Inside Noah's Ark


Inside Noah's Ark - Why it worked

 “…as people began to see the Bible as less historical and more  metaphorical, there began to be questions about the feasibility of  Noah’s Ark and whether the Great Flood could have even occurred.”  

Flood of Evidence


A flood of evidence: 40 reasons Noah's ark still matters. There are hosts of books and resources on the Flood and Noah’s Ark in the  creation movement. However, there is a need for a comprehensive  layman’s book dealing with the answers to the most asked questions on  the Flood and Noah’s Ark from a biblical and scientific perspective, and  this book fulfills that need.  

Noah and the Flood


Noah and the Great Flood: Proof and  Effects -  The apostle Peter warned us that in the last days before the end times,  there would be a new philosophy that would deny that there ever was a  worldwide flood. They would deny that God created the world, the  existence of God, and the coming end time judgment by fire This book provides  proof of a Biblical worldwide flood and backs it up with geological data 

Bibles, Dictionaries and Concordances

New KIng James Bible


The New King James is a favorite

NIV Bible


New International Version Giant Print Bible

Good News Bible


Good News Bible

 Today's English Version.

Strong's Concordance


Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Bible Dictionary


Zondervan Compact Bible Dictionary

Including Maps

Bible Commentary


Matthew Henry's Concise Bible Commentary on the Whole Bible

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Books on creation and evolution, Bibles, Bible commentaries, and Bible dictionaries.