Photos by Charlie

Landscape photographs and Christian Books

Landscape photographs and Christian Books

Landscape photographs and Christian BooksLandscape photographs and Christian Books

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Faith and Light

Against the NIght


Against the Night

Living in the New Dark Ages

What Christians Believe


The Faith: What  Christians Believe, Why they Believe it, 

 Why it Matters

Kingdoms in Conflict


Kingdoms in Conflict: An insider's challenging view of politics, power, and the pulpit

Faith to Be an Atheist


Faith  to be an Atheist

Walking on Water


Journey  of Faith - Walking on Water by Jimmy Brown

Proof of Creation


Ultimate Proof of Creation:

Resolving the Origins Debate

(A must read for every Christian)

Jesus Calling

Jesus calling


Enjoying peace in His presence with scripture references

Jesus is risen


Jesus is risen:  Paul and the early church

Jesus today


Jesus today - Deluxe Edition:  Experience hope through His presence (Jesus calling)

 Imitation leather

jesus is the light


Jesus is the light in this dark world

The truth is:


The truth is:  Sharing the truth of Jesus with confidence, conviction and compassion.

Finding Jesus


Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A devout Muslim encounters Christianity.  I recommend this book.

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