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Mt Rainier reflected in Tipsoo Lake in Mt Rainier National Park

Beautiful Landscape Photographs

Beautiful photographs of mountains, rivers, natural wonders, wildlife, flowers, barns, buildings, and much more.  All are available as prints framed or unframed, canvas prints, greeting cards, shower curtains, tote bags, coffee mugs, throw pillows and more.  Over 1200 images from which to choose.


Books on Evolution and Creation

Compelling and thought provoking books on the truth about creation and evolution.  Must read selections for any Christian or serious scientist interested in learning the truth.


Books on the Holy Spirit

Must read books for any Christian wanting to live a spirit filled life  and experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

Bibles, Commentaries, and Christian reading


Bibles and Commentaries

Bibles, Commentaries, and Bible Dictionaries


More on the Holy Spirit

More  must read books on the Holy Spirit, the power of the Holy Spirit and how to live a spirit filled life.


Faith and righteous living

Books on living in faith, The New Dark Ages, and a must read book on how to rebut the false beliefs and arguments of the professing atheist or unbeliever.

Must Read Books

 You don't want to miss these mMust read books for any Christian wanting to live a spirit filled life  and experience the power of the Holy Spirit 

My Books - Books that I have written


Get out of the Boat

In this book  I explore the subject of faith as  we strive to act according to the promptings  of the Holy Spirit in our life.


The Listening Post

The Listening Post Reflections of a Vietnam Veteran is an account of my tour in Vietnam and my resulting PTSD and how it has influenced my life after my return.

Welcome to Photos by Charlie:

Beautiful photographs, Books on Creation and Evolution, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit filled life, faith, hope. peace, finding Jesus, and Bibles, Bible commentaries, and Bible Concordances.

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